.joy (djoyusone) wrote in the__contender,

Alright, WTF was THAT all about?

I attended the fights last night. WHAT THE HELL? How did it look on TV? Was it as clear as day as what I saw in person that Mora and Brinkley obviously did not win their respective bouts? The boos were sooooooooooo loud at Staples. Nobody could believe it when both winners were announced.

I love me some Jessie but he had no heart last night. Bonsante, as much as I think he's a douche bag, definitely was more "the fighter" in last night's match.

The Mora-Manfredo rematch was definitely better than the title fight. Manfredo's game was definitely on; it was a wise move on his part to get one of the greatest trainers in boxing. Mora, however, could have used some of the $1M and done the same. His boxing style was definitely lacking. No inside jabs (even with the eye cut), no ducking & weaving like he's known for - nothing. He totally came up flat. And sorry, Sergio...it was not a head butt that caused the gash. You got hit. Period.

Last night's energy wasn't as great as *the match* from back in May. I think with Barnett focusing on Rock Star: INXS from June-September, the wait for the rematch took away some of the hype. On Wednesday Ticketmaster was selling tickets for 50% off.
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