Sarah (sarah33) wrote in the__contender,

brent cooper on tv..

i was flipping through the channels earlier and caught brent cooper and his wife on TBN (trinity broadcasting network). he was talking about his experience on The Contender and since it's a Christian network he of course talked about his faith. it was pretty cool. :) i have to say i always liked brent when he was on the show.. very classy guy.. i hated to see him go, especially after anthony (who i can't stand anyway!) played it off like he was going to fight jimmy and instead picked him.

anywho, just thought i'd share with ya'll cause i thought it was pretty cool to see him on tv doing something other than boxing. :)
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wow, that is cool! wish i could've seen it.

does he still have the blonde hair?
He was on Regis and Kelly a couple of weeks ago too. I was at work, so I didn't get a chance to sit down and watch it though. He's such a cutie.
Brent's one of my faves,he's got such class,and your right & faith,the way he went out was just awful.Anthony's a creep even though he was just doin't what was best for his kids.He didn't have to lie to everyone.