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i recieved an email from jessie brinkley since i signed up for his newsletter.


Hey everyone, Jesse B here. Just wanted to take a quick second and let you all know what's happening in my life and what's up next regarding my boxing career.

Well, first of all—it is ON between Ishe Smith and I come September 1st. That's right--finally I am going to get a chance to stuff my right hand down that big mouth’s throat and I can't wait to get it on with him in the ring in Las Vegas.

As far as I know, we will be fighting on an ESPN card Live in Las Vegas and I am hoping all my Brinkley fans will attend dressed head to toe in Brinkley gear and all will be sporting some of the T-shirts I personally designed.

Check out my website and see some of the new gear for yourself. If you can't attend, I hope you'll be gathered in front of the TV, cold beer in hand and a "Hangman's Noose" T-shirt across your back, cuz its gonna be on like Donkey Kong!

In the meantime, I have been enjoying my summer with my Kids and Colleen, laying sod at my house and barbequing with family and friends, the way we do it out in Yerington--country boy style.

Joey and I have been working hard to get all the merchandising in line for our fans and it looks like my little buddy Guido (Joey) will be fighting in London, England this October. If Jeff Lacy comes away with a win on his August 6th fight in Tampa, Joey will probably also accompany Promoter Gary Shaw and Jeff to Wales in the UK for a second fight.

Everything is looking good so far for all of us Contenders and it looks like a second season will air on ESPN sometime this year or early next year. You can be sure to bet that I will be involved with some capacity and both Joey and I are hoping to have some involvement with the second series of the Contender. Maybe we will get a chance to beat some of the new guys up!

Well, that's it from your boy Jesse B. Check out my website often because I will be posting all the updated and upcoming fight information (dates, times, tickets, and locations) on the site as soon as it becomes available. And again, I have pre-ordered merchandise for my fans, so please get your gear before the fights.

I want to thank you all for your continued support and we will revenge our past 2 losses this year. And for the right price, Joey and I will gladly beat the hell out of each other--so demand the fight and the powers that be will have to give it to you.

I'm outta here,

Jesse B.


WOOHOOO...second season, and an ishe/jesse fight!!!

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