itsprincess2u (itsprincess2u) wrote in the__contender,

Interesting Little Tidbit

I learned something really interesting tonight. I was watching The Premiere of The Contender (of course-- what else would I watch) when my fiance got home from work. He watched some of Season 1 with me. Anywho-- when he walked in the door just before 11, it was the last round between Michael Clark and K-9. Watching them in their corners, he saw the trainer in the blue corner (Jeremy Williams) and thought he looked familiar. He thought about it for a few minutes and said "Babe, I think I know that guy. I went to high school with a Jeremy Williams and he was training to box. I remember him beating the shit outta some guy in the cafeteria in school. It looks a lot like him." So, I got curious during a commercial and hopped on google. Sure enough. It's the very same Jeremy Williams. Hometown- Fort Dodge, IA (where my fiance lived for his first 31 years... hell, where our son was born.)

So, there you have it. My future hubby went to school with one of the Contender trainers.
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